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DPPP Pty Ltd offers a complete solution for all your design, advertising and printing needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to take a project from concept through to completion and deliver outstanding results.

Our tightly knit team of designers work closely with clients to ensure their message is delivered in the most effective way possible. By drawing on a diverse team with many years experience and the latest technology, we are able to cater to businesses of any size or type.

At DPPP, we know that perception is reality. We work hard to ensure your brand image reflects creativity and quality to deliver your message in a memorable way.


Yannick Gacoin
- Extensive experience in:  corporate design, prepress, printing and advertising strategy.
- Worked for:  top companies in Australia and France (design and advertising).
- 1986: he set-up a design and advertising company  in Saint-Denis de la Reunion (France): design. typesetting, photography, scanning and printing departments, including extensive technical evaluation of equipment and systems together with 10 years of successful business.
- Australia:  design and pre-press manager of the biggest printing franchise of Sydney. Afterwards, Senior designer for Diamond Press. Then, for 3 years he worked as prepress operator and technical adviser in Sydney.
- Creation of his own company DPPP Ltd in 1996:  overlooks the design operations and clients' liaison right through to the delivery of the final documents, providing support., guidance and direction to his team.
- Strenghs:  wide-ranging design ability, effective communication skills with vast trade level technical experience of 30 years of professional experience (in 9 international advertising agencies).
- Clients:  Air Liquide Healthcare, Alstom, Air France, Areva, Atout France, CanalSat, Franck Provost, French Embassy, Renault Eurodrive, Robot Coupe, Royal Prince Allred Yacht Club... and many more.
We have created a team of regular freelances ( more than 20 staffs) who are always the same to work on our clients' projects: we have a perfect confidence in their ability to conduct the work with the highest quality in the shortest timeframe. We keep some realistic costs and always have the appropriate human ressources.
Commodore: Yannick
Copywriting: Philippe, Stephanie
Design:  Cathy, Stephane & Andre
Photo retouching:  Andre & Daniel
Printing and embellishment:  Joe
Web, SEO & programming:   Stéphane & Tom
E-Publishing:  Morgan
Signage & installations:  Clayton & Sam
Engraving:  Rod
Embroidery:  Charles
Art director:  Francis
Proof reading:  Alan
Photography:  Lee, Daniel & Thomas
Illustrations and drawings: Pierre & Nicolas
Administration:  Marie-Anne
Translations:  Brian & Isabelle
Framing:  Todd
Electrical signage, light boxes:  Paul
Video/TV:  Tom
Screen printing:  Cyril
Technical assistance:  Jean-Luc


DPPP Pty Ltd will dedicate its most creative and technical skills, working in partnership with your company, to produce an outstanding range of documents that reflect the highest level of quality and corporate identity.
DPPP Pty Ltd will give your advertising the utmost importance, making all its resources available to you.
Although design is important, it is only one of the many stages that need to be successfully handled. DPPP Pty Ltd’s ability to control and add value at every stage places them at a distinct advantage.
DPPP Pty Ltd looks forward to working with your company and increasing your business and profits.

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